MSDCA Summer Camp with Dave Whatmore

MS DHONI CRICKET ACADEMY is organizing a Cricket Summer Camp during this April / May 2022. Our summer camps will be like clinics or workshops in which comprehensive and all-round skill development will be conducted.

This offers an opportunity for all the young, budding & enthusiastic cricketers to learn and experience a unique coaching program which will enhance their game skills as well as their physical fitness and mental skills too. The students will be undergoing training in all the four departments of the game: Technical; Tactical; Physical and Mental sides of cricket. There will be plenty of match simulation sessions through which the students can get the feel of playing matches in different situations.

Our coaching program is a well-structured coaching program designed by senior and experienced coaches from around the country under the mentorship of MS DHONI himself. It based on the philosophy of LONG-TERM SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Coaching will be executed by qualified and certified coaches who are well trained in the ‘MSDCA WAY OF COACHING’.

Highlights of the summer camp coaching program:

  1. Video analysis and correction coaching  program
  2. Batting, bowling, fielding basic skills
  3. Advanced skills of the game
  4. Special T-20 skills like improvisations, bowling variations
  5. Sports diet & nutrition lecture
  6. Goal setting lecture
  7. Sports motivation lecture.

Cricket is a game through it we practice essential Life skills like partnership, cooperation, leadership qualities, stress management, handling pressure and bouncing back from setbacks. Our summer camp offers a comprehensive experience to the student which enhances their life as a whole.

Come and have a lifetime experience at MS DHONI CRICKET ACADEMY this summer.

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Dave Whatmore

Dav Whatmore : Topics For MSDCA Camps

1. How to play cricket which includes tips on batting, bowling, wicket keeping

A. Batting:

  1. Importance of grip, stance, backlift.
  2. Judgement of line, length, trajectory, swing/drift & lateral movement for FF shots – drive, defence, glance, flick, step out & drive.
  3. Judgement of line, length, trajectory, lateral movement, bounce & pace for BF shots – defence, drive, glance.
  4. Judgement of length, bounce, pace for Power shots – sweep, pull, sq cut, hook.

B. Bowling:

  1. Importance of good Running Technique in run up
  2. Importance of sound bowling action
  3. Importance of good wrist position at release
  4. Importance of physical fitness for fast bowlers

C. Wicket Keeping:

  1. Importance of strong core
  2. Importance of lower body strength
  3. Importance of anticipation & out of the box thinking for a wk

D. Fielding:

  1. Importance of basic catching techniques
  2. Importance of understanding the height, depth & force of the ball

2. Seperate sessions on batting, bowling & wicket keeping with advanced cricketers.

A. Batting:

B. Bowling:

C. Fielding:

3. Tips on how to become a successful cricketer:

  1. Self conduct
  2. Goal setting
  3. Setting priorities
  4. Being ready for opportunities

4. Tips on mental toughness. How to become mentally strong to face tough situations on ground.

5. Tips on how to become a good leader

6. Tips on tactics

7. Motivational lecture on- How to win world cup.

Summer Camp - Schedule:

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BCCI Level Coach


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